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Luxury Car Rentals – Short Review

Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in Car Rental |

Renting cars is something that can help you a lot when you don’t have your own car but also can be a source of fun for those who have developed passion for driving luxury cars. Auto industry expanded its possibilities to that point that you can choose 3 wheel car to enjoy the landscapes of a California or some other place. People who like Need for Speed game series can live their game, at least for couple of hours, driving some of the best cars like Lamborghini Huracan or Ferrari 458 Coupe. Whatever you like, you can find in a rental companies.

Since I regularly rent cars, in this article I will write about some of the cars I rented. Most of them are luxury cars, so be sure before you head to a local car rental agency to have your pocket filled with money. If you don’t like cash, credit card can also be used, and credit card payments are strongly recommended by rental companies. Statistic says that 80 percent of people who rent cars use this payment method, regarding it as a safe and reliable method. Now let’s start with the cars I have rented and I strongly recommend one of these; you won’t regret it.

Ferrari-F430-Spyder-exotic-cars-25061793-1600-1200The first car I have rented was Ferrari Spyder. This convertible offers wind experience for people who like wind in their hair. V8 engine with direct fuel injection offers seven gears, automatically or manually switched, whichever you like more. With 562 horsepower and 9000 rpm, this engine helps the Spyder to scoot up to 63 km/h in only 3.4 seconds, so it’s definitely car for those who like fast experience. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the steering wheel since it has a tons of various buttons.

Lamborghini Aventador is my second rented car and maybe the best car I have ever driven. Aventador holds a title of a stealth car due to its very aerodynamic shape that enables it to reach 325km/h ( 202mph) of top speed, with acceleration ability that is- 0-60km/h in only 2 seconds. Aventador has port fuel injection and V12 engine, which is another advantage alongside with the relatively small vehicle mass. This vehicle is very flamboyant and cocky and it’s designed for skilled drivers. The retail price of this car is around $490,000 so you see what kind of beast this is. Be careful when you drive it; it’s REALLY fast !


These two cars can be found in most of the rental companies because a lot of people drive these cars. They can also be found in any car rental orange county company. Have in mind they cost a lot, but they will provide you what you want and desire. Sport cars are always expensive, but they are worth that money. I have spent several months in Anaheim, Orange County due to my business relocation. I regularly rented cars in enVus Motosports rental car agency, which has professional support and staff, alongside with the quality. There few other agencies that I visited, but I will write about them on other occasion.


General Info on Car Rentals

Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in Car Rental |

People need cars to travel around, to do business or just to enjoy in views while they are in some touristic places. Some of them have their own cars and prefer traveling huge distances in order to enjoy in roadtrip, while some like to rent luxury cars and enjoy in their own way.

Luxury car rentals  emerged in 1904 in Germany, when the first car rental company had been started, and in the beginning had only three cars available for renting. A year later, Ford Liver Company emerged and had an offer with 18 cars. The company was named Saunders System and expanded its operating to 56 cities in USA. In 1920, Godfrey David established Europcar in Britain, which later was moved to Paris.

Car rental companies work in the way they purchase a certain number of vehicles, when they rent those cars to customers who must pay fee in order to rent the cars. The cars can range from small sports car, to SUV and vans, depending on what you need. Convertibles, hybrid/electric (such as Tesla) or big vans also can be found in the offer in the majority of companies. In order to generate the appropriate rental price, the Association of Car Rental Industry Systems and Standards (ACRISS) made Car Classification Code system.


This system describes  size, number of doors, type of gearbox and access to AC system. Also you can find some of the characteristics in addition, like number of seats of volume of trunk. These are maybe not important to you, but for people who go on vacation with family, these things are crucial. Some surveys indicate that the most rented luxurious car rented by larger families (4 and more members) is Chevy Tahoe, a Chevrolet SUV model with V8 engine and 355hp. This SUV is famous for its space – it can host 7 people with enough space for luggage. If you want to go on a family trip without worrying whether you will be able to take everything with you, this SUV is the perfect match for you, as any luxury car rental Los Angeles can offer.

kelley-blue-book-best-buy-2015-chevrolet-tahoe-600-001All the cars have installed GPS, so you don’t need to worry whether you will lose yourself somewhere. This feature is not added only because of mentioned reason, but also because the owners wanted to prevent going to specific regions. Another interesting thing that can be found is the possibility of using renewable fuels – that means that your car will operate on biofuel (ethanol or vegetable oil in most cases) or hydrogen fuel. This is really good for our environment, isn’t it ?

In any case, if you decide to spend your holiday cruising in some luxury car, I suggest you visiting some luxury car rentals and companies. Holiday spent with the family is not spent well if you don’t rent some big SUV to drive your family around in your favorite Jeep ! Always look for discounts – most of the luxury car rentals have discounts on daily basis that will save you some money !




Best Car Rental in L.A. ( Luxury Cars )

Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in Car Rental |

You want to drive the ride of your dreams, but buying it is impossible because it costs more than your 4 year salary can buy ? Well you can drive the car of your dreams if you have a bit money to spend.

Renting cars is a good way to drive a car in cities where you came with other transport. No one has a dreams of driving car that can be rented everywhere, you buy these cars not rent them. Here, I am talking about renting super and hyper cars, cars from posters. And I will tell you how and where to go to rent one of those beasts.

If you want a reliable rent a car agency then you have to go to the center of world ( if you look it from a famous person’s number ) Los Angeles. Then you want to hail a man and tell him to drive you to Orange county. There you will find one of the best exotic car rental agencies.


Now it is important to choose a right company when renting some expensive cars. EnVus is that company. If you want a Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari to rent then they are ones you seek. Why is that so is the next thing I am about to share with you.
EnVus is a car rental company from who you can rent cars in Los Angeles, Sand Diego and Orange County  area. But what cars you can rent from them are your thoughts right now. Well instead of me lists all the cars here, and taking precious space on this article you can go on their site and check for yourself. You simply have to search for rental cars in Orange County in your browser and you will find EnVus, they will be at the top of search list. There you will see a list of the top cars you can rent from them with price per hour included. EnVus became one of the better known luxury car rentals because they are reliable. When renting a car price per hour you were presented before includes everything. There are no additional payments required which is a pleasant change.


If you still have doubts about whether EnVus is a right car rental company for you then do internet search for any complaints against the company because I did so too. And there were no surprises there, because EnVus is a company that cares for their customers there are no complains laid against them.

They are affiliated with CRFI which is a company that is involved with insurance of the driver and car he rented. This should be one of your markers when choosing a company which you want to rent a car from. Even though EnVus has pretty low prices on some very good cars they still have the insurance necessary. Some companies have low prices because they avoid that insurance, but EnVus keeps its prices down because they want to allow you to drive a car you dreamed of. The same can be said for ThisLosAngeles


Guide to Renting Exotic (Luxury) Cars

Posted by on Oct 13, 2015 in Car Rental |

Renting cars is a usual way of driving when you are a plane flight away from home on a business travel, or on vacation. Car renting is normal thing to do, but do you really want to drive a 10 years old car in a city like Los Angeles or New York?  Of course you don’t want that, you want to drive something powerful and fast, but renting that kind of cars can be a troublesome thing. More money is needed and you have to be careful what company you want to rent that car from. There are few tips I have collected about finding right company for that business.

First thing you want to do when you find out about a rental company is to visit their web page and find whether they have your car of choice or not. Be observant and browse through their site until you search the car you want. But this is only reserved for looking, don’t make any arrangements. Get the feel of their site, call them and ask them for information. Check if they have a deal with an insurance company. You don’t want to end up with a damaged car which costs fortune to repair. So if you are looking to rent luxury cars Los Angeles, you should be vary of the previously mentioned fact.


Next step is to go online and search reviews of that site, forums about them and any possible complains people have written about that company. Check the rankings of that company too. Comments will have all information you need. They will tell you whether many people had any issues with that company and how they were resolved. You should read any complains you might find, because people that were irritated by the service of the company have nothing to hold back. Ranking will tell you how the company is compared to other car rental companies. Bad rankings should be avoided. If you can’t avoid them because of location check why they have weak ranking, you may work out something after all if those issues can be avoided.

exotic-car-rental-new-york-ny  Even though you find a car you want to rent look into the selection of cars that company has. This may not seem important but it actually is. If a company has large selection of cars, then it means that they know how to do their job and/or they have done that for long enough to learn it.

Price and price arrangements are important aspects of rental you must pay attention to. Asking around may be your best solution in finding out about pricing of the rental. If you don’t look into this you may end up with an additional bill to pay at the end of renting period. Some companies do that, so before rental be sure to check for that in order to know what awaits you at the end of the day.

Some cars can’t be rented just by entering the rental building. Reservations are needed for some models and best way to check that is by either looking for that information on their site or calling them and asking about that.


Dream Rent a Car – Luxury Car Rental

Posted by on Oct 9, 2015 in Car Rental |

Renting a car has never been easier with the development of the technology. Back in the days, you had to go to the company, wait for the agent to come and then finish all paper work in order to get a keys for a car. These days, with the advancement of Internet, car renting became so easy that anyone could rent himself a car. Of course, if you rent some luxury cars, your pocket should be deep enough. Dream Rent a Car has possibility of making online reservation for cars, which will definitely save you a lot of precious time.  If you are a fan of old school booking, then head to their address which is 1920 S.LA Cienega BLVD, Los Angeles.  This company received the title for the best online car rental service, and I will give you a short review.

So why should you choose this luxury car rental company after all ? Simply because they have tradition over 10 years. Almost every month you have various companies that offer rental services, but how many of them have 10 year tradition ? Dream Rent a Car beside their tradition and image, offer great monthly discounts, so even people with no “astronomical salaries” will be able to enjoy riding some of their favorite cars. One of the best companies for this is

2014-mercedes-benz-cla250-cla250-4matic-first-drive-review-car-and-driver-photo-505779-s-450x274Their offer is diverse : from BMW and Bentley, to Mercedes and Ferrari. According to some research, conducted by marketing experts who work for this company, Mercedes CLA 250 is the most rented car in their company. The daily fee is $99, which is pretty cheap for this kind of car. Beside this car, you can find other Mercedes vehicles : ML 350, S 550, R 350, GLK 550 or E 350, so basically if you are Mercedes fan, you will definitely find something for yourself. If you want something more classy, then Maserati Gran Tourismo is for you ! This convertible coupe has V8 engine with automatic transmission. To be honest, this car is really expensive, since daily fee for this car is $795 with the 50 miles of daily limit.

This company also though of large families who go on a vacation with a lot of equipment. In that case, Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 Custom Luxury Limo will have enough room for all your family members, and even for their surfboards and clothes. This van is the first choice when it comes to some big groups of people, but this choice is also a bit expensive, due to the fact that daily fee for this minivan is $799, but have in mind that you can reach up to 150 miles daily in that price. It has 16 seats, AC system with two 42” TVs and premium sound system. A lot of young people rent it also, because it’s perfect for parties and special events !


There many more vehicle in offer selected by this company. Their undisputable tradition and premium service will attract you every single time you find yourself in Los Angeles without a car ! I admit they are a bit expensive, but believe me, if you want appropriate service, choose them – you will not be sorry !