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Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in Car Rental |

Luxury Car Rentals – Short Review

Luxury Car Rentals – Short Review

Renting cars is something that can help you a lot when you don’t have your own car but also can be a source of fun for those who have developed passion for driving luxury cars. Auto industry expanded its possibilities to that point that you can choose 3 wheel car to enjoy the landscapes of a California or some other place. People who like Need for Speed game series can live their game, at least for couple of hours, driving some of the best cars like Lamborghini Huracan or Ferrari 458 Coupe. Whatever you like, you can find in a rental companies.

Since I regularly rent cars, in this article I will write about some of the cars I rented. Most of them are luxury cars, so be sure before you head to a local car rental agency to have your pocket filled with money. If you don’t like cash, credit card can also be used, and credit card payments are strongly recommended by rental companies. Statistic says that 80 percent of people who rent cars use this payment method, regarding it as a safe and reliable method. Now let’s start with the cars I have rented and I strongly recommend one of these; you won’t regret it.

Ferrari-F430-Spyder-exotic-cars-25061793-1600-1200The first car I have rented was Ferrari Spyder. This convertible offers wind experience for people who like wind in their hair. V8 engine with direct fuel injection offers seven gears, automatically or manually switched, whichever you like more. With 562 horsepower and 9000 rpm, this engine helps the Spyder to scoot up to 63 km/h in only 3.4 seconds, so it’s definitely car for those who like fast experience. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the steering wheel since it has a tons of various buttons.

Lamborghini Aventador is my second rented car and maybe the best car I have ever driven. Aventador holds a title of a stealth car due to its very aerodynamic shape that enables it to reach 325km/h ( 202mph) of top speed, with acceleration ability that is- 0-60km/h in only 2 seconds. Aventador has port fuel injection and V12 engine, which is another advantage alongside with the relatively small vehicle mass. This vehicle is very flamboyant and cocky and it’s designed for skilled drivers. The retail price of this car is around $490,000 so you see what kind of beast this is. Be careful when you drive it; it’s REALLY fast !


These two cars can be found in most of the rental companies because a lot of people drive these cars. They can also be found in any car rental orange county company. Have in mind they cost a lot, but they will provide you what you want and desire. Sport cars are always expensive, but they are worth that money. I have spent several months in Anaheim, Orange County due to my business relocation. I regularly rented cars in enVus Motosports rental car agency, which has professional support and staff, alongside with the quality. There few other agencies that I visited, but I will write about them on other occasion.